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Shopping service
We help you import items from online shops in Japan

If you have some difficulties importing products from Japan's online shops, please use this service. We will check on the item and send you an estimate to get it. If you accept the estimate, we will contact the seller, place an order, and ship it to you. Even if the estimate is not acceptable, we do not charge any fee. Please feel free to make a request!! Here are some useful resources to find the item you want.
After receiving your request, we will check to see if the item is available. If it is and we can handle it, we will get back to you with an estimation. If you accept it, please send money via Paypal. Please note that the order is available for 72 hours from the time we send you the estimate. After we confirm your payment, we will put in an order for the item. When the item reaches us, we will inform you by e-mail. Then, please make a shipping request. We can combine your items which you get through this service with YHJ items.

We have two different commission rates. If you purchase from popular web sites such as, Rakuten or Muji, the cheaper commission rate will apply to your purchase. You can check the list of popular web sites here.

Items from popular web sites

Item price
-1,000yen $6.00
1,001-5,000yen $8.00
5,001-7,500yen $10.00
7,501-10,000yen $12.00
10,001-15000yen $15.00
15,001-20,000yen $20.00
20,001-40,000yen $20.00 + $1.00 per 1,000 yen up
40,001yen- $40.00 + $0.50 per 1,000 yen up

+$2.00 per additional order

Items from the other web sites

Item price
-5,000yen $10.00
5,001-10,000yen $15.00
10,001-15,000yen $20.00
15,001-20,000yen $25.00
20,001-40,000yen $25.00 + $1.00 per 1,000 yen up
40,001yen- $45.00 + $0.50 per 1,000 yen up

+$2.00 per additional order

Bank fee
A flat $2.00 fee per order.

Shipping within Japan
Actual postal charge from seller to our warehouse.

Shipping to your home
Actual postal charge to your home. Shipping information is here.

Transaction fee
5% of the total.

Other fees
Following fees are uncommon.We will charge these fees only when necessary.

Sales Tax
Some sellers charge a 8% of the price as sales tax.

Storage fee
If you leave your item at our warehouse for more than 30 days without making a shipping request since the arival date of the item, a $1.00 storage fee will be imposed per day on each item. If another 30 days have passed without a shipping request, the item will become the property of Japamart and be resold to cover our expenses or be dicarded.
Please note: Large items occupy a lot of space. Please make a shipping request within 3 days or a $1.00 storage fee will be imposed per day on each item.
Large items

Late payment fee
You have 72 hours to pay for the shipping after we send you the invoice. You need to pay your invoice by sending money via Paypal or applying your deposited money toward the invoice within 72 hours after we send it to you.
Your deposit will be automatically used to pay the invoice unless it is paid on time.
If your deposit is not enough to clear the invoice, we will send you a notice by e-mail and you need to pay it via Paypal within the next 24 hours. Otherwise you will be subject to a $10 of late payment fee. Then, another $10.00 fee will be imposed each additional 10 days period. If 30 days have passed without a payment, the item will become the property of Japamart and be disposed of or resold to recoup our expenses.

Handling fee
Surcharge for heavy, large, bulky or breakable items that need a more special packing than normal.
Large items

As for the Shopping service, we accept the payment methods below.

Paypal ( )

Credit card through Paypal
You can use your credit card through Paypal if you have a Paypal account.

We cannot accept any cancellations. Please give us the information of the item you want as much as you can in advance to avoid a misunderstanding.

Prohibited item

1.Very large or heavy items (Please read the Large items & Car parts section)
3.Aerosol cans,air spray
4.Guns (Model Guns)
8.Real estate
9.Intangible items (Services/items which cannot be physically shipped)
10.Items under the Washington Convention
11.Lithium-ion batteries (available in some countries)
13.Illegal items
14.Flammable or explosive items
ex) Bleach,mercury, manicure instruments, nail polishers, perfume etc.
15.Some types of auto parts -
  • Wheels with tires (Wheels without tires are not prohibited)
  • Steering wheels with airbags (Steering wheels without airbags are not prohibited)
  • Suspensions
  • Parts of engines
  • Carbureters
  • Parts which touched gasoline/oil.

    Please also closely check the website of Japan Post.


    How to order
    Once you find something you want, please send your request using the order form from here. You need to be a Japamart member to use this service. You can sign up with us here.



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